Partner Letter
November 7, 2001

Dear Friends and Partners,

I can't believe that it has been over a year since the ministry's last communication. The last letter I sent was while I was still in Costa Rica and it was this time last year when I had finally returned after six months there in that country. It was a wonderful trip with many of the Lord's blessings, but now I am no longer there and I am almost embarrassed that I have not let all of you know what has been going on with the ministry for so much time. I have even had some of you ask if there was still a ministry to support and pray for.

I am happy to say that the answer is yes! And thank you so much for your questions and concern. I also thank all of those that have continued their support despite some lack of communication. Still Small Voice Ministries is still doing the work of the Lord here and elsewhere.

After returning from Costa Rica, I was accompanied by two of the church workers from the church where I had been working there. They came for a time to be refreshed and to work with Faith Center church of Rockford, Illinois, where I attend and work with the Hispanic ministry. This was a great time for being able to return some of that hospitality that had so graciously been shown me there in Costa Rica. My Costa Rican friends were greatly enriched by their time here in the states. Your support of the ministry helped make their visit possible as well.

Since returning, Still Small Voice ministries has been mostly working hand in hand with the Hispanic Ministry of Faith Center in its projects and outreaches supporting the Hispanic community of the Rockford, Illinois area and the surrounding areas. Through the ministry's involvement with the Hispanic Ministry of Faith Center, I have been involved in weekly Bible classes, prayer meetings, and visits supporting the ever growing Hispanic population. Most recently, I have also personally become involved with the weekly prison visits to the county's jail system. Helping to share the love of God and encouragement with the inmates there has been a special blessing. Also, the ministry has been involved directly in helping many Hispanic brothers and sisters become more integrated in the community sharing the love of our Lord Jesus Christ with them.

At the beginning of this year, I was also blessed and honored to be licensed as a minister through Faith Center in support of ministry activities that Still Small Voice Ministries is involved in.

Most recently, I have moved, but the mailing address remains the same. Only the phone number has changed. The new number is (815) 247-9173.

Once again, thank you for your continued prayers and support. The ministry continues on and I will continue on in our Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray for possible upcoming trips in this next year and also for involvement in other ministry aspects as well. I pledge to do my best to never allow such a long time between communications to occur again.

I love you all,

Robert W. Freedlund
Still Small Voice Ministries, Inc.